How much you earn as an intern.

How much do you earn in internship? shows you the latest figures on how much trainees in Germany in 2018 on average earn in the various sectors. We also explain why there are still unpaid internships, despite the minimum wage.

amount of remuneration of trainees in Germany 2018th

One factor that influences the trainee salary, the profession, decide for you you. Which specializes in HR Research CLEVIS Group to surveyed 4,500 interns according to their average monthly salaries. The survey was published in TRAINEES SPIEGEL 2018th Here, particularly the areas of business consulting and auditing highlight with an average placement salary of 1,420.31 euros.

salary comparison sectors Internship 2018th

Industry Average compensation
management consulting & auditing 1420.31 euros
IT, Internet & telecommunications 1262.37 Euro
Banking, Finance & Insurance 1240.78 euros
consumer & durable goods 1233.48 euros
Health & Pharma 1109.64 euros
media & marketing 1087.13 euros
Chemistry 1066.67 euros
research and Science 1003.67 euros
Aerospace 1.000, – euro
Construction / -industrie 996.92 euros
Education & training 983.00 euros
automotive & suppliers 911.47 euros
transportation & logistics 872.98 euros
Electrical and & Optics 861.15 euros
Machinery & Equipment 843.48 euros
HR / services 836.61 euros
energy, construction and raw materials 809.35 euros

One of the most lucrative areas in terms of internship so include consulting firms such as the accounting and consulting firm PwC, IT Internships such as in VOITH or in finance at Deutsche Bank.

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Good salary or no cost: Compensation in Internship


It seems good news for the “generation”: the time of unpaid internships and cheap labor is over. For real? actually with the introduction of the minimum wage since 1 January 2015 trainees a claim of 8.50 euros an hour. So they deserve theoretically nearly 1,400 euros gross per month. Since January 1, 2019 the minimum wage has risen by a total of 69 cents and now amounts to 9.19 euros gross per hour. A quantum leap, considering that previous interns have earned depending on the size of their company generally between 400 and 800 euros gross or got take a small fee and no pay.

But for the right to minimum wage in the internship must meet certain conditions – a good payment here is also far from assured and depends under certain conditions still on the goodwill and resources of the employer from. Here are the facts at a glance:

The minimum wage is 9.19 euros per hour. So you can expect a gross salary of 1,470.40 euros.

Minimum Wage in only when voluntary internships over three months, but not in a compulsory internship.

An internship is required by school or college, that is defined in the examination regulations.

income on compulsory placements are exempt from insurance. however, voluntary interns who have completed their studies, have to pay the amounts for social insurance.

How much do you earn in practical training:

The average trainee salary is 1,098.67 euros.

The average internship is paid at 940 euros.

The average voluntary internship is remunerated with 1,239.75 euros.

The conditions for minimum wage.

The collection of practical experience is becoming increasingly important for students, trainees and students. Professional orientation and socializing usually play a larger role than the paid content itself. Nevertheless, students or trainees money is of course welcome at an internship.

Many degree programs mandatory internships are provided in the study regulations – whether at school, in training or study. In examination regulations, which do not provide mandatory internships, it is still useful to do an internship voluntarily during studies or after graduation.

exceeds the contract of a voluntary internship period of three months, the employer must pay the trainee from the first month the legal minimum wage, even retroactively. Smaller companies are often unable to, and therefore only offer internships under three months, at which they may determine the content free. The real purpose of the minimum wage to pay work is appropriate, therefore meets certain conditions at interns and there are new problems such as the lack of meaningful internships. The exception of paid internships is therefore unfortunately not rare. Experience one naturally collects in any case, even without the interns compensation.

The payment for compulsory work.

They are so still that unpaid internships, which are usually completed as part of their studies. Is this a mandatory internship, there is, according to lawmakers not entitled to content in the internship. Internships that are prescribed in the context of teaching and curriculum and must be completed for obtaining the statements are considered compulsory work in this case. These include student internships or prescribed semester.

But even if compulsory interns have no legal claim for compensation on their internship, an internship can reward the use of young people by voluntarily paying him for the work in internship money. Otherwise, there is also the State some support options that can help you to finance you in the internship.

In these cities, most internships are offered.

In addition to the industry is also the State decisive for the level of your internship compensation. Companies in the South and in the Hanseatic cities of Bremen and Hamburg are more able to pay equitable remuneration, as a company resident in the West or the former East Germany, and the average salary here is accordingly higher.

Here are our top placement locations in Germany:

Who actually makes an internship?

Many courses now include mandatory internships – particularly bachelor and master programs. So it is not surprising that with about 47 percent, almost half of all completed internships are university compulsory internships. Between students of Bachelor’s and Master’s program, the difference in remuneration lies in the internship at about 100 euros a month. The average trainee is 24 years old, where the sex ratio is balanced here.

Most trainees come from a study of Business Administration: Nearly 40 percent of study participants have completed a business degree. After all, 28 percent hope for a permanent position with the company after their internship.

But what motivates your fellow students and friends actually, to do an internship? Most indicated that the learning factor is crucial for them. Only in second place stood the goal to get to know a particular industry. Especially with theoretical courses a comprehensible desire. In third place, the practical implementation of the learned in the study content is called. It is clear that you have in the future more job listings, if one was working and as much practical experience gained – whether paid or unpaid


Learning technologies and other effective ways to learn a language

We live in an era of information and technological revolution. Technologies have penetrated into our everyday life and have become stronger in it: at home, at work, on the road – almost everywhere we use electronic devices and gadgets that make life easier and easier for us and provide comfort.

A positive feature of the techno-boom is that he touched all spheres of life, including education.

The integration of advanced technologies in education is one of the most important and significant breakthroughs for modern times. A clear proof of this is the Fusion English distance learning platform from the EC educational group.

A couple of facts about the Fusion platform:

On-line learning platform – distance learning live with the teacher

Addition to the language course abroad – access to the platform for 6 or 12 months

Advanced digital learning technology – installed on a smartphone or any other electronic device and configured according to goals and interests, including sections: business, medicine, law

With the help of effective digital technologies, your study abroad will become even more productive. Fusion includes classes with an EU school teacher live online and provides access to a learning platform. You decide how, when and where you work, and the platform helps ensure that your time is spent optimally and efficiently.

Fusion platform for you if you want:

  • achieve maximum results from a foreign language course abroad;
  • gain confidence before you start studying in your chosen country;
  • get individual training and consolidate the acquired level of knowledge of the language abroad.


Before you start studying abroad, you will be engaged with a teacher online – including group work and one-on-one lessons. You choose the time of classes and the teacher according to your requirements.


In your chosen EU school, you will join other students of the school with full confidence and readiness to study in English. After preparing online, your promotion will be faster and more successful.


You will continue your on-line training and work on the development of language skills in group classes in speaking practice. In individual sessions, you will continue to eliminate the language gaps, receiving individual recommendations of the teacher.

More and more language schools abroad are using advanced technologies in education in order to carefully work out a learning strategy based on the main goals and needs of the student; track progress and adjust the program if necessary; make the learning process more interesting and get the maximum result from the completed program.

How to increase the child’s motivation to learn languages?

With the beginning of the school year, most parents are faced with the need to increase the child’s motivation to learn. More often, they resort to external motivation, offering all sorts of material rewards for academic success or by increasing interest in learning, using modern technologies and new methods.

But, if you dig deeper, it is more important to develop inner motivation, namely, to create a child’s sense of success and genuinely rejoice at his achievements, be it a good score or a sports victory.

The most important thing in learning a child’s language is to interest him, because children love to do what they do and what interests them.

To do this, you need to create conditions in which the child will see the need to learn a language, as he will understand by example how he can apply these skills. Children and teenagers love everything new, because new is always an experience. Being independent, traveling a lot, launching your photo blogs with pictures of unusual or iconic places and friends, trying new sports is now the mainstream of all schoolchildren. Studying abroad can give them all this and much more, because the basis is the acquisition of knowledge that remains with the child for life and helps him to be realized in the modern globalized world. Children are very well influenced by the creation of a situation of competition and leadership. These skills are perfectly trained when a child enters a new peer environment, where in a short period you need to build friendships, show leadership skills, or simply become a good team player. It is often difficult for children to assess the result of their efforts and it is extremely important that after completing all language programs abroad, they receive a certificate indicating the level obtained, as well as a brief description of the achievements and recommendations for further language learning.

Contrary to the belief that children can study abroad only during the summer holidays, we send students annually in the fall, because a sufficient number of centers accept students for their programs from mid-September to mid-December.

All programs of language courses for children and adolescents range in intensity from 15 to 30 lessons per week, but children continue to learn the language during sports activities, excursions, evening activities and just socializing with peers. Schools strictly monitor that students of different nationalities live in the same room, and it is forbidden to communicate in the native language on the territory.

Autumn holidays abroad have a number of indisputable advantages, such as availability of places in training centers and a relative reduction in cost by 10-15%, savings on air travel, due to less busy flights and, most importantly, the focus is on learning, not rest. Of course, there is a sufficient amount of sports, events and at least 2 excursions per week, but children in the fall, having already started training in UK, are better concentrated and set to study.

The autumn language program for a child is a good solution if it is necessary to improve the language skills and encourage further study of the school curriculum in a short time and without departing from basic education. And it can be a reward for good marks in the first or in advance for the second quarter!

Our favorite in terms of efficiency is learning in the teacher’s family. The program is sufficiently expensive, but an individual approach, complete immersion in the language environment, the level of supervision, care and living conditions justify its cost in full. To make the program cheaper, you can book a 2: 1 course with another foreign of the same sex and age. In our practice, this is a great option, both in terms of intensity of classes and in communication, our students studied with the French, Germans, Spaniards, Italians, Swiss and even Australians.

The program in OISE Follkestone will be no less intensive and academic because it is conducted in mini groups of 6-8 people maximum.

If we are talking about a classic program in the UK based on a private school and the child wants to experience Harry Potter style, then you should pay attention to the Alexanders College and Bell St. schools. Albans They, in addition to an exciting program, can boast of location in beautiful mansions and beautiful nature.

More budget options, without loss of efficiency will be Sprachcaffe Brighton, London Empire Academy, Melton College.

Studying German is no less popular, given the possibility of obtaining a prestigious education in German universities for free and immediately after school. We can vouch for the effectiveness of the programs in the Humboldt – Institut centers, where, in addition to group and very intensive German lessons, individual lessons can be booked, when in the morning, a child has 25 individual lessons with a teacher, and in the second half, he joins other children in sports, recreational activities and excursions. A distinctive feature of the centers Humboldt can be called “German” discipline in everything that is very appealing to our students and their parents. I-LESS will be a good option for children just beginning to learn German.

Do not forget about Malta and the EC schools, LAL Language Centers, Inlingua Just Juniors, where you can extend the summer to your child in the fall.