How to write an essay

For ambitious students, creating an essay, in other words, a motivation letter for university entrance is a chance to demonstrate academic ability, originality of thinking and impress with written English skills. Some students like the process of writing, because there is an opportunity to realize their academic skills in the study, to bring worthy arguments.

Often the question is how to write a memorable essay and be distinguished among a crowd. In this article we will reveal to you this secret.

Why do we write essays?

Before writing it, we need to go back to the basics, understand who will check and analyze, then it becomes clear what the teachers are looking for.

Not only takes into account the level of the student, but many other aspects:

Knowledge is crucial, writing an essay makes it possible to verify and consolidate information that is important in the learning process, especially the humanities.

Understanding is a test of understanding and explaining complex concepts and situations. Instructors pay attention to your ability to solve a given topic.

It is also a test of the ability to perceive and process a large amount of information in such a short period of time, the ability to highlight important information.

Test the level of written English.

To write a work, as part of the entire admission procedure, also allocate a limited timeframe, here your ability to plan and distribute work is tested. Of course, all tasks must be done at the highest level and provided within the specified time limit.

Characteristics of the perfect essay

We already know why we are writing an essay, but this is not enough. Teachers may have their own preferences in choosing the best, but still there are some features that distinguish the best from the best:

1. The originality of thought

A distinctive feature of a good essay is originality. This does not mean that in the work you have to present the novelty of the study, in fact, you will have enough time to study each subject deeply on the GCSE, A-level, or even on the IB program.

2. Deep knowledge

It goes without saying that your essay should demonstrate not only deep knowledge, but also a clear understanding of the topic of the current problem, and reveal the topic, confirmed by a large number of arguments and theses. To confirm the high quality of your work, you need to process a large amount of information and compare other people’s ideas about the topic.

3. Concretization of information

The purpose of the content of a flawless essay is to inform and persuade. The use of specific knowledge related to the topic does not take much time from teachers. This brings us back to the question of sorting out relevant facts and extracting necessary and important information from general information. The extra information shows only that you did not quite understand the point.

4. Impeccable English

The structure of the presentation should be perceived with ease. Proposals must be logically constructed and understood the first time. The main thing is to follow the logical connection between the proposals and the transition from one fact to another. And, of course, spelling and grammar should be flawless.

5. Additional knowledge

Persistent students always read more than the recommended literature.

Undoubtedly, reading overtime books will give you the opportunity to improve knowledge, to be the best among peers and to make deep impressions with your outstanding essay. Studying English, for example, you do not need to read only specific texts.

We offer you some tips that will help expand knowledge by reading additional literature:

  • Read and compare different works of the author;
  • Work with modern literature. Analyze the text of the essay, whether you support modern thoughts;
  • Do a psychological analysis of the work of the author, study the works of his predecessors, which inspired the author to write the work;
  • Readings of literary criticism;
  • Analyze the thoughts of critics and determine whose opinions are closest to you;
  • Background. Here you can refer to the context of the work (we will return to this later).

At first glance, it may seem that our advice is a lot of extra work. It is good to check other methods, for example, to take notes, write important information from the context.

Before you start writing an essay, formulate a goal

You are probably tired of hearing this kind of advice. But it is very important to start writing work with concrete ideas. For this you need a plan essay. It will not take much time, you just need to open a new Word document and write down in order the ideas you want to discuss.

Balanced arguments

A good essay combines the two sides of the presentation of arguments, on the one hand, the presentation of information, and on the other, different points of view are considered. Unilateral arguments will not impress the selection committee.

Your opinion is also taken into account.

Justify your opinions. This will show that you are not hiding behind other people’s thoughts, but have your own reasonable, independent point of view.

Appeal to quotes

Justify your opinions, using quotes from famous works. It demonstrates good ownership of information. However, it is not necessary to go too far; there are not too many quotes in the essay for you. Frequent reference to quotes is your uncertainty in the explanation of the topic. As already mentioned, it is very important to present your arguments based on the arguments.

Scientific quotes and bibliography

Show your competence using quotes referring to the literature used. This will not only show your organization and erudition, but also the amount of work that was studied during the creation of your motivational letter.

For quotes, footnotes, you can use the “insert” footnote function in a text editor. There are various accepted forms for quoting, but remember, in the work you need to adhere to the same format. Usually in the footnotes write the name and author of the work, date of publication, page number.

Bug fixes

How many times have you typed the word form instead of from? This, by the way, is one of a huge number of errors that are missed during verification. English must be perfect: a clear and understandable sentence structure, all the apostrophes in place, no typos and grammatical errors.

Number and enter your name on the top of each page of the essay. Also be sure to use one Times New Roman or Arial font. For example, reading fancy Gothic font is hard. Even if you write about the Gothic direction in literature,

A person reading your work will not be very interesting and hard.

To get in time
You do not need to be reminded of the deadlines for the work, but in any case it is important, for a full understanding, we explain why: even if you wrote the best essay in 100 years, but gave it to check later than the established terms, the chances of good feedback and its consideration are reduced . Do not leave everything on the last days, ideally, you should start writing an essay in advance and leave time to check and analyze the work.