Learning technologies and other effective ways to learn a language

We live in an era of information and technological revolution. Technologies have penetrated into our everyday life and have become stronger in it: at home, at work, on the road – almost everywhere we use electronic devices and gadgets that make life easier and easier for us and provide comfort.

A positive feature of the techno-boom is that he touched all spheres of life, including education.

The integration of advanced technologies in education is one of the most important and significant breakthroughs for modern times. A clear proof of this is the Fusion English distance learning platform from the EC educational group.

A couple of facts about the Fusion platform:

On-line learning platform – distance learning live with the teacher

Addition to the language course abroad – access to the platform for 6 or 12 months

Advanced digital learning technology – installed on a smartphone or any other electronic device and configured according to goals and interests, including sections: business, medicine, law

With the help of effective digital technologies, your study abroad will become even more productive. Fusion includes classes with an EU school teacher live online and provides access to a learning platform. You decide how, when and where you work, and the platform helps ensure that your time is spent optimally and efficiently.

Fusion platform for you if you want:

  • achieve maximum results from a foreign language course abroad;
  • gain confidence before you start studying in your chosen country;
  • get individual training and consolidate the acquired level of knowledge of the language abroad.


Before you start studying abroad, you will be engaged with a teacher online – including group work and one-on-one lessons. You choose the time of classes and the teacher according to your requirements.


In your chosen EU school, you will join other students of the school with full confidence and readiness to study in English. After preparing online, your promotion will be faster and more successful.


You will continue your on-line training and work on the development of language skills in group classes in speaking practice. In individual sessions, you will continue to eliminate the language gaps, receiving individual recommendations of the teacher.

More and more language schools abroad are using advanced technologies in education in order to carefully work out a learning strategy based on the main goals and needs of the student; track progress and adjust the program if necessary; make the learning process more interesting and get the maximum result from the completed program.