So, is dissertation methodology its structure, what is unique and what should be included in methodology? The basic structure of dissertation is the abstract, methodology, literature review and conclusion.

The abstract- you are supposed to have an overview of what your research entails and your research problem and your research design. The methods section Body Conclusion A proposal needs more explanation since it is a document submitted after you have completed your research task. It has an abstract, methodology, literature review and conclusion. Differences Between Dissertation and ProposalBoth dissertation and proposal are manuals prepared by professors to guide students on how to carry out a research project. This means that both manuals are created to serve the purpose of providing students with the knowledge base on conducting a research project. The difference between these two tasks lies in how students are expected to handle the project. For instance, whereas the dissertation aims at providing the writer with the resources on conducting a dissertation study, a proposal aims at guiding students on how to plan and carry out their projects. Three Approaches to Defining an Outline for Your Research ProposalThere are three methods of organizing a research proposal. They include: Numerous work methods like an assignment for students Simultaneous work method like a proposal sent to a professor Aspect focus method like involving an industry partner Do you see the significance of these methods of presenting your research proposal? First of all, it showcases that you have an approach to guide your research project. Secondly, it shows that you understand all the components of your research and how to handle them appropriately. Lastly, it also shows that you have the data to justify your arguments concerning your research. Structure of a Research ProposalA research proposal is the result of a working thesis, research method, project findings and relevant publications. It should be about seventy-five to one hundred and twenty to one hundred and ten words long. When writing your proposal, ensure that it is listed first, then the other components and finally the body section. The structure of your proposal can include;Title page. Introduction section. Thesis statement. Methodology section. Theory section The relevance of the research. Remember, each chapter has to stand out from the others. Methodology The procedure section of your research proposal should also be about four to five paragraphs long. It should start with a topic sentence and leave a sensible ending. Literature Review Your literature review should be three to four sentences long. That is, the majority of your content should focus on the literature and findings from the previous research you have done. Make a summary of the crucial points in your work. By the end, you should know the tools and materials you need to use for conducting the research. Remember, these tools are often included in your proposal.